Introducing Sinclair Duncan September 26 2016

As the autumn leaves star to fall and the temperature drops, we are pleased to introduce Scottish designers Sinclair Duncan to Cloudberry. These luxurious scarves are a perfect addition to you winter wardrobe as well as making fabulous gifts. 

Sinclair Duncan at Cloudberry
Sinclair Duncan source only the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia to create their luxuriously soft scarves. The hugely desirable touch is created by the traditional mechanical finishing process, perfected over hundreds of years, using soft Scottish water and natural teasels.
Luxurious to the touch, and unisex, your only problem is choosing from the beautiful collection of shades, tones and patterns.
Sinclair Duncan at Cloudberry
Each scarf carries a discreet little pink unicorn label and we couldn't agree more with the reason......
"The national animal of Scotland is the mythical unicorn. Our luxurious are not made from using the hair of the unicorn, that would be crazy and very hard to find.
However if the unicorns hair was used in the creation of our products, we are sure that this is what it would feel like."

Sinclair Duncan at Cloudberry