New Silk Scarf Collection ~ Caramel Jones August 26 2015

Caramel Jones Arrives at Cloudberry 

Scarves have been with us for centuries, but its only in the 19th century that scarves as a real fashion statement have come into their own and it's not difficult to see why.  A simple square of silk can transform an outfit, adapt to a montage of different styles and span decades of fashion. 

Fashion houses along with movie stars showed the public how a piece of silk could be an integral part of your look, leading to probably what would become the first fashion led trends by celebrities. From the flapper styles of the 20's, worn on the head by black and white stars of the silver screen such as Georgina Hale, Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, complimenting their snazzy short bobs, to the elegance of
Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Teaming their look with sunglasses, in a possible attempt to hide their eyes from the prying photographers and the public, they created the sophisticated iconic look we recognise so well today. 


These are just some of the influences English designers Caramel Jones have combined to create their unique range of silk scarves. The foundation of their passion lies strongly in the retro fashions of the past. They blend the decades of vintage style seamlessly with colours and hues of a contemporary pallet. They revel in the boho chic of the 70's, taking influence from the abstract patterns of the time and bring them up to date. The scarves span a classic look to street style. Combining geometric and abstract patterns, they create silk accessories that will become a timeless part of your wardrobe. 

Their scarves are carefully finished with rolled hand stitched edges, and represent an indulgent luxury scarf that is still very affordable. This desirable range is all 100% silk with a small selection of larger designs in silk chiffon, ideal for multi-way wearing.

These scarves are a modern twist on past fashions, they are colour infused and retro inspired. We are thrilled to welcome Caramel Jones to Cloudberry. We are pleased to say that the designers of Caramel Jones will be joining us for a chat on our feature Cloudberry In Conversation soon. So, if you have any questions for the designers email them to us at